E-liquid labelling: TPD information requirements in the UK

Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) labelling requirements of the Directive in the UK are in effect and all e-liquid producers are legally required to adhere to strict packaging guidelines as outlined below.

The Directive states certain information that must be included on ‘Each unit packet and any container pack of the electronic cigarette or refill container’.

The latest information from the UK Department of Health states that “each unit pack and outside packaging of the electronic cigarettes and refill containers must include the labelling information specified in Article 20(4) (b)…..Therefore e-liquid bottles presented for retail sale in a cardboard box or any other outer packaging must provide the labelling particulars on the e-liquid bottle and cardboard box presented for retail sale.”

This means that the same information which is contained on our mock-up of a carton showing the required information must also be placed on the bottle itself.

TPD also contains a requirement to include a leaflet with the product. The UK Consultation Draft document describes the leaflet as below:

Each unit packet of the electronic cigarette or refill container must include a leaflet with information on—
(a) instructions for use and storage of the product, including a reference that the product is not recommended for use by young people and non-smokers;
(b) contra-indications;
(c) warnings for specific risk groups;
(d) possible adverse effects;
(e) addictiveness and toxicity;
(f) contact details of the producer; and
(g) if the producer is not based in the EEA, a contact person within the EEA.


Source: http://nerudia.com/tpd/tpd-information-in-the-uk/

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