Shopping on is simple. Just follow these steps to purchase your favourite vape juice online.

Before you start shopping we need to advise all customers that we currently only ship vape juices in the United Kingdom. We hope to enable other European shipping destinations once we have full authorisation.

How to shop on

You can either find products by using the Shop drop down mega menu:

Shop Menu - ELIQUIDS2GO®

The Shop menu contains five columns with the most popular items: EJUICE BRANDS, VP/PG, NICOTINE, TOP FLAVOURS and PRICE RANGE.

If the item you are looking for is not in the Shop menu you can also find it using the Search box on the header. To find any product using the Search box simply enter one or more keywords and you will immediately see a drop down list appear if it matches your keyword(s):

Search Box - ELIQUIDS2GO®

If you want to show all products with the keyword “Cola” – simply enter the word in the search box and hit the return key or search key if your using iOS devices:

Search Result - ELIQUIDS2GO®

View Product - ELIQUIDS2GO®

To view any product simply tap the product if your on a mobile/tablet device or double click if your using a desktop or laptop the product to view all the information relating to that specific product:

View Product Details - ELIQUIDS2GO®

Nicotine Strength - ELIQUIDS2GO®

For each product you need to choose the Nicotine strength and quantity. The drop down list will show which nicotine strengths we have in stock. If the nicotine strength you require is not showing then it will be either out of stock or not available.

If you want to find more information on the actual product simply scroll down and click the tabs to find out additional information including the flavours, VG/PG ratio, bottle size, country of origin etc:

Additional Information - ELIQUIDS2GO®

The tabs also contain a warning section as well as a Product Enquiry tab where you can get additional information if you are not sure about a particular item.

To add a product to your shopping cart you simply click the “ADD TO CART” button and the item will be added:

Add to cart - ELIQUIDS2GO®

You can always amend your basket for example if you wish to increase the quantity you simply click the view cart and increase/decrease the quantity counter. If you no longer want a particular product you can remove it from your basket by clicking the cross button on the left of the product:

View or Amend Cart - ELIQUIDS2GO®

View or Amend Cart - ELIQUIDS2GO®

If you wish to continue shopping, repeat the process above otherwise proceed to the next steps below. Please be advised that we have a limit of 7 products per order. If you require more than 7 items then you will need to complete a second order at any time.

If you are satisfied with your basket items you simply need to choose the delivery options and then click proceed to checkout. If we are offering any special offers at the time we will release a coupon code which you can enter in the COUPON box and click the APPLY COUPON to receive a discount. If you wish to collect your order from our Shipley store you can choose CLICK AND COLLECT LOCAL (SHIPLEY) and collect on the same day (order must be received before 2PM and during weekdays).
Once you reach the Checkout page you will need complete the billing and shipping details:Checkout Detail - ELIQUIDS2GO®

If you are a new user you will need to register either with an email address or your social account so the next time you shop your details will be saved so you do not need to re-enter your details:

Register - ELIQUIDS2GO®

If you have already signed up simply click the Login link and enter your email address and password or if you created your account using your social account then you will automatically be logged in (if you are currently logged onto your social account on another page):


Once you have successfully logged in or registered simply click PROCEED TO PAYPAL. Before you do this, if you wish to send us specific instructions you can add information on the ORDER NOTES box. After clicking PROCEED TO PAYPAL our website will send your order details to PayPal to request payment.

Once you arrive at the PayPal website you will see the following page:


If you already have a PayPal account simply login or if you wish to pay by credit/debit card simply click PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD BUTTON. At any time you can go back to your website if you need to amend your order by clicking the CANCEL AND RETURN TO ELIQUIDS2GO link at the bottom of the page.

If you are paying with a debit or credit card you will need to complete the payment details including the Card Type, Card Number, Expiry Date, First and Last Name on the card and the last 3 digits on the back of the card:

PayPal Guest Checkout - ELIQUIDS2GO®

Once you have entered valid payment details PayPal confirm payment and redirect you back to our website automatically within 10 seconds. You will be redirected to the ORDER COMPLETE page where your order details will be displayed:

Completed Order Details - ELIQUIDS2GO®

You will automatically receive an email confirming your order. Check your Junk or Spam folder just in case you have not received the order confirmation email.
Once your order has been processed you will be emailed the shipper tracker code so you can monitor the delivery. Please ensure you are available to collect the parcel.
Once your delivery arrives your order has completed. In case you have missed delivery please read the FAQ below. If you have ordered the product by mistake then please refer to the Returns page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click the question in the FAQ list below and a brief answer or a link to more information will appear below the question. If your query is about stock information or availability online, please refer to the individual product page.

How do I buy a product?
Follow the instructions above for information on how to purchase a product and complete a successful transaction.
Can I purchase a product that I have seen online via the store?
In most cases Yes. However at the time of seeing a product online and then visiting the store the product may have already been sold out in which case it may not be available for sale at the store.
If an item is out-of-stock online can I still order?
Yes - if the item shows CAN BE BACKORDERED then it only take a day or two from our supplier to restock an out of stock or low stock item.
Do I need an account to shop on
You will be required to create an account using your email address or social media account. This allows you to streamline future orders to help you save time as you do not need to re-enter your personal details each time you order with us, and also allows you to view previous orders. Open a My Account..
Can I save items in my basket and return to them later?
Your chosen products will remain in your basket for a period of time. You may return to them later, however if other customers purchase the same items then we cannot guarantee that they will still be available to purchase.
I have a list of product codes, how do I search for them?
To find a product without having to trawl through the website you can simply use the search box located conveniently on the top search bar. Simply enter part of the product code like "CHRLCHKDST-WW" or keywords such as "charlies chalk dust" and the website will return back with a result if the product exists otherwise it will return an empty result.
How do I locate the product code?
The product code is located on the product page below the ADD TO CART BUTTON and is identifiable with SKU next to it.
I am having problems with completing the payment process?
If you are having problems during the process of entering your credit card details you must ensure you have authorisation to use the credit card in question and all the correct details have been added from the type of card to the name, credit card number and the last 3 digits on the reverse of the card. Please note you must be 18+ and to buy any vape juices on our website and the credit/debit card must be on your name only with the correct billing/shipping address.
Can I cancel and online order?
Yes - you can cancel your order at any time through MY ACCOUNT if you have yet to complete payment. Otherwise please call our customer services hotline 01274 270455. However, if you've received email confirmation that your order has already been dispatched or delivered, then you’ll need to follow our returns procedure in the event of any unwanted products. You can also of course return them to the Shipley store.
Can I add to or delete a product from my order?
In most circumstances it is not possible to make changes to your order once you have placed it. If you would like to purchase additional products then you will be required to place a new order for these items. If you wish to remove an item then you will have to refer to our returns procedure. Please contact customer services by telephone if you would like further advice.
Can I change my delivery address?
When placing your order you can add a different delivery address if you wish. However, if you have already placed your order and need to change details of the delivery address please call us for advice. Please be ready to quote your order number and order date. This can only be completed before your order has been dispatched.
Can I change my delivery service to Standard delivery, Named day Delivery or Click & Collect Local?
In most circumstances it is not possible to make changes to your delivery service option once you have placed your order. We strongly advise that you chose the right option prior to placing your order.
My order been cancelled. What should I do?
In certain situations your order may be cancelled if there are issues with your payment such as notification from your bank of fraudulent activities or low funds. In such situations we will cancel your order until you are able to settle any credit card payment issues.
Can I update my account details including name, address, email and phone number?
Yes you can. If you would like to update any account details, please log into your My Account through Click on Edit Address on Billing and/or Shipping Address to update your personal information.
Which shops offer the Click & collect service?
Currently we are only offering this service via our Shipley store but plan to roll out this service as we expand our retail operations in the future. For more information refer to the Click & Collect Local page.
Do you deliver to my country?
We are currently on shipping within the United Kingdom. Once we have permission to dispatch into Europe/Overseas the website will be update with additional delivery destinations.